Want to contribute?

You've listened to our podcast and thought, "I have a story to share." And we would like to hear about it! As an ongoing initiative, we’ve openly posted our contributor guidelines so you can understand exactly what we offer and what is expected. 


Here’s our offer:

  • A (CAD) $50 honorarium for your time
  • Potential inclusion of your contribution in a collaborative storytelling venture

Here’s what we need from you:

  • A 90-minute interview
  • A signed performer release
  • Your consent to repurpose your interview online

Audio Contributors can be Anyone, but not Everyone

We are actively searching for people with stories to share about each of the communities we feature. If you have a point of view that you feel should be included, get in touch with us, give us a pitch, tell us about who you are and the kind story you would like to have included. 

The Archivists’ interview approach is as much about listening as it is about speaking, and we invite perspectives and opinions that we, and other people, may not necessarily agree with. Our process is open, but we have one consistent rule: unsubstantiated opinions (usually in the form of "soapbox rants") will not be posted. Going back to our emphasis on story, we welcome strong opinions, and we expect them to be backed up with an account or anecdote that grounds your point of view. The Archivists retain their editorial license to refuse any story that doesn't fulfill that basic requirement. 

We will make every effort to respond to all submissions, to listen to your story ideas and to get back in touch with you, if we feel greater clarity is needed. 

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Collective storytelling, about people, events and places opens up our understanding of where we live. To support this commitment we are firm about equality in just about any way you’d like to use the term: gender, race, creed, even larger-than-life fashion statements. What this boils down to is, equal pay for equal work. Tangible contributions have tangible value, regardless of perceived or real differences. 

We have one contributor fee of $50 for every 90-minute interview session, regardless of your status and experience or lack thereof. We’re aware that this may sound unfair, if you are an individual with a 30-year record of skills and recognized accomplishments. It may seem low if you have that kind of experience, but it’s our way of improving on a prevailing norm, where contributors are often expected to submit work on spec. We plan to raise this rate as we grow, and hope to offer additional incentives to individuals who become regular contributors. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Archivists stand behind safe, inclusive media and work environments. We reserve the right to refuse material containing misleading, offensive or abusive messaging, or links to individuals and organizations advocating hate. 

We reserve the right to retroactively remove any submitted material found to include contributions by individuals accused or convicted of harassment and criminal misconduct. 

We also reserve the right to remove material that is illegally appropriated from other sources and does not acknowledge original authors or organizations. If you look at any of the pages of our website, you’ll notice a string of citations on every post. We follow strict protocols to preserve sources, credits, and other attributions. We ask that all contributors respect the intellectual property rights of others by fully crediting sources and inspirations. 

Fair Use and Consent

During our recording sessions you have the right to omit any comment before, during, or after you’ve said it. If you’re not 100% comfortable with what we’ve recorded, neither are we. Our questions are designed to be revealed as you explore a selected location. In the unlikely event that a question makes you uncomfortable, let us know and we will move on. Both contributors and The Archivists may, at any point, decide to skip a question or end a recording session. 

If The Archivists end a recording session in under 30 minutes, a payment of $25 will be issued to the contributor by mail. If a contributor ends a recording session before it is completed, The Archivists will retain the full interview fee.

Due to time and editorial constraints, we are not able to guarantee that any part or whole of a recording will be used. Interviews may be edited down, played back out of sequence, or shortened. 

If you see something on this page that isn’t clear enough or misses your expectation, please let us know. This is a living document that is meant to uphold fair work standards. If you have something to add we are always open to improving our standards.